Wellness Programs Reduce Stress

Stress has created an explosion in workplace mental health issues now costing the Canadian economy an estimated $33 billion a year in lost productivity, as well as billions more in medical costs. Studies show that employees who participate in wellness programs experience the following benefits:

  • decrease in days taken off due to stress, depression and anxiety
  • decrease in absences for all health conditions
  • improved relationships
  • ability to relax
  • increased positive outlook
  • increase in engagement and collaboration
  • increase in creativity

Transformative Mindfulness Methods

Mindfulness describes state of being present in the moment and leaving behind the tendency to judge. It allows space to pause amid the constant inflow of stimuli. Experience simple methods of meditation with expressive drawing to bring awareness and positive transformation into work life. Transformative Mindfulness (TMM) was developed by Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw over 20 years, integrating ancient wisdom of the mind from Buddhism with a modern therapeutic approach. 

TMM is recognized by Foundation for Developing Compassion and Wisdom (FDCW)  

What Do You Get ?

When you go ahead with my corporate wellness workshops I guarantee that your team will not be bored with lectures or dry facts, all the  workshops are experiential. After each module, participants will have gained mindful tools to use in their every day life to reduce stress and increase creativity. Modules can be presented as a stand-alone event or a series of three events. They are interconnected and progressive so it is suggested but not necessary to experience them in this order:

  1.  Self Connection
  2. Transforming Stress
  3.  Enhancing Positive

You can book me for a guided mindfulness meditation as short as 30 minutes up to 60 minutes, so you can decide what works for you, your team and your schedule. More time allows for deeper relaxation and better practice. If you are interested in more information, please request a proposal – contact@kingazak.com

Ready to enrich your workplace?  Here are four magical ways to get started:

This module is designed to slow down, connect to your breath and spend some time in a mindful conversation with your own body. Your body speaks, are you listening?  If we spend the time connecting to our body wisdom, we create space to thrive.


This module is designed to go directly to the root cause of your stress and to transform it! This guided receptive visualization is enlightening and fun at the same time.  After completing this mindfulness exercise, you will feel re-energized.


Pay attention to the good and it will get better. By recognizing and celebrating the positive qualities in ourselves we are able to nurture a deeper connection, creating a space for further growth. You can create any positive enhancement you wish!



Gentle mindful yoga is a calming practice that creates a deep awareness of the mind – body – breath connection and cultivating greater feelings of self-acceptance. The puppies bring their joy and love and keep everyone in the present, playful moment!



Puppy Yoga is a customized yoga experience led by an award winning Shivana Yoga accompanied by cute puppies! Ask me if you are interested in chair yoga, mindful flow or yoga nidra!

From Harvard Business Review, 

How to Use Mindfulness to Increase Your Team’s Creativity

Article by Ellen Keithline Byrne and Toyo Thatchenkery.

Research has shown that mindfulness training can nurture key areas in the creative process. People who practice mindfulness have more cognitive flexibility, are able to see beyond what they’ve already done, and are better at solving problems requiring insight. To foster a culture of innovation in the workplace, leaders need to give greater attention to their employees’ mindsets and consider championing mindfulness practices throughout their organizations. Create corporate-based mindfulness programs to train employees in mindfulness practices. Offer opportunities for employees to slow down, incubate, and see with fresh eyes. Kick off meetings with a brief settling-in period. Provide quiet places in the office where employees can meditate. And offer employees resources for developing their creativity and mindfulness practice. Organizations have an opportunity here. Simple mindfulness practices can begin to shift their teams’ levels of creativity and can be a necessary tool for addressing the complexities of today’s workplaces.

Creativity and Productivity

Business leaders seek greater productivity. Creativity and productivity are interconnected. Boland Jones, the CEO of Web-based collaboration software firm PGI wrote in  Entrepreneur: “I believe that creativity leads to productivity, provided that the workplace environment is developed and nurtured in a way that allows the two to peacefully co-exist,”.

Mindfulness Can Literally Change Your Brain

an article in the Harvard Business Review, mindfulness is now a “must have” for leaders.

From the article:

“Neuroscientists have shown that practicing mindfulness affects brain areas related to perception, body awareness, pain tolerance, emotion regulation, introspection, complex thinking, and sense of self. While more research is needed to document these changes over time and to understand underlying mechanisms, the converging evidence is compelling.”

“Mindfulness should no longer be considered a “nice-to-have” for executives. It’s a “must-have”: a way to keep our brains healthy, to support self-regulation and effective decision-making capabilities, and to protect ourselves from toxic stress. It can be integrated into one’s religious or spiritual life, or practiced as a form of secular mental training. When we take a seat, take a breath, and commit to being mindful, particularly when we gather with others who are doing the same, we have the potential to be changed.”


Aetna, another company that offers mindfulness training, estimates that each employee who participates gains an hour of productivity per week. Here’s a video of Aetna’s CEO talking about how mindfulness improves his employees’ performance. We need more leaders like this in the world. 

Curious about my credentials? Here’s a peek at my qualifications:

  • Certified Transformative Mindfulness Methods Facilitator
  • Certified Laughter Yoga Facilitator
  • Certified Groove Body Movement Facilitator
  • Trained in Nonviolent Communication
  • DTATI Qualifying Art Therapist
  • BA in Illustration




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