In my perspective – Witch is a positive symbol. Transformation into a witch is  a natural step in my evolution. I don’t buy the idea about a wicked old angry brat who wants to spoil your fun. I think these stories were made up by very scared men.

Witch, healer, medicine woman, a woman in her full power that reached her potential. Free, creative, colorful and interesting-  not always old and creepy. She is not afraid to be herself and she doesn’t conform to the norms – therefore she is punished – in the only way they know how to punish a woman – to make her feel ugly and wicked, but that suits the witch right by giving her freedom from their rules … I don’t see witch as evil I see her as disobedient. It’s easier to do what you want if you don’t have to fit in any expectations to be nice and witches are not supposed to be nice – unless they want to.

To me to become a witch actually means to be a woman human, connected to personal power, not afraid of emotions, living in her own body and dancing with the cycles of nature between life and death.

Watch a short story on how I became a witch.