You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves. Mary Oliver

The experience of creating these body suits was very intuitive and the designs came through me – an answer to our impossible pursuit of physical perfection and the collective need to sink into our dream body. The body is its own being – a life on its own. We are not our faces and we more often have not been taught to trust our bodies even though they have so much valuable information to tell us. Each suit has its own personality. Most people wear a mask in public and are only their true selves at home or maybe they don’t even know who the true self is. These paintings express the wild, fun, creative parts of a person that most might not see. The real person, not just the persona they play.

Could these images and wearable art finally give the permission to everyone to completely unzip the glory that each person holds on to, so tightly, inside?

Could these images and suits finally give us all permission to know that if we allowed ourselves, and we were given the space to, we could feel the ecstatic totality of the god-like energy we can choose to get married to inside us?

And if we did what would that world look like?  Yaaaawwwwwzzzzzz I am holding big space for anyone who wants to explore these questions within themselves.

Female creation personified as a voice. Chaotic, tired, and inspired. Very much an artist, and a goddess all in one. I am drawn to a creation story because the mouth of each figure is in an intimate place of the body and the colors are bold and contrasting with energetic light line between the womb and the breast as the life giving/ sustaining/ creative source of life within our own body. And the yoni making herself known with that wide open mouth-never to be silenced again. These are artistic and electrifying at the same time an integration for my body and spirit – so many answers could be found in the movement of my hips, my Yoni, the root chakra.  The mouth and yoni are so intimately connected – because our throats and vagina are the same type of muscles and actually begin together and then separate as we grow in utero. I have found profound connection from one to the other as I discover my voice and my creative potential.

The eyes and breasts to me are deeply symbolic. People say the eyes are the windows of the soul but what better expression of the soul than the heart which is perfectly nestled between our breasts. Nose is connected to the gastro-intestinal system – when we smell something we start producing digestive enzymes all the way from mouth to stomach

Playful, creative, textured – and they make people smile!