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Hi, I’m Kinga Zak – aka, The Creative Witch.

I’m a Creative Life Coach and Personal Magic Development Facilitator.  Through the use of art therapy and mindfulness, I help women discover their true purpose and live the joy-filled life they always dreamed of.

Right now, you might be nodding and thinking, “Yes! This is exactly what I want!” but getting there seems impossible. You just feel so stuck – like you’re living life on auto-pilot with a blah, empty feeling. You desperately want to find your passion, but you keep getting lost in the “how” of it. So, you revert to the same-old, same-old routine of going through the motions and settling with mediocrity.

Friend, you were made for so much more.

My mission is to help you connect to your heart’s desires and put them into practice. I’ll create a step-by-step plan for you that will help you go from always meeting other people’s needs to finally giving yourself the attention you deserve. Imagine finding your dream career, attracting better relationships, or making other bold life changes that are on your heart. Whichever way you want to live more fully, I’ll help you do it.


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About the Witch.


Certified Transformative Mindfulness Methods Facilitator, University of Toronto Factor Inwentash School of Social Work. Certified Laughter Yoga Facilitator.  Certified Body Movement Facilitator – Groove, Certified in Reiki and Tantra. trained in Nonviolent Communication. Qualifying DTATI Art Therapist.


My name is Kinga Zak and I am the Creative Witch – personal magic development facilitator and creative life coach.

My motto is be bold, be beautiful and be yourself. I bring art, mindfulness and movement into my coaching practice. This approach is good for accessing intuition, emotional depth and complexity. Your right brain holds wisdom that won’t be accessed by logical thinking and talking alone, that’s where images come in. The work isn’t about making pleasing images, but many of us are still afraid of making marks on the paper. It may be because of the judgment we experienced as children. I promise you the rewards are worth it and you will eventually develop your own language of images because our brain thinks in images!

When my parents used to ask me who I wanted to be when I grew up, I used to answer that I wanted to be a witch. On some level I knew what I wanted to do since that time – create magic and meaning in my everyday life and then share it with others.


Kinga Zak

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Imagine what life would look like if you knew that your needs will always be met.  If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. Elevate your standard, and create an abundant life out of conscious thought. Experience the world having more than enough of what you need. Change your thoughts and create a new vision.

All that you  ever wanted is there and all you need to do is reach for it!

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