I am The Creative Witch

Magic & Creativity Facilitator

Inspiring You To Discover Your Passion

Discover Your Passion And Life Purpose

Find your passion and purpose in this visionary  60 minute experience. At the end of this exercise you will create your life purpose statement and ten steps to joyful livelihood.

Transforming Feelings

With this powerful 45 minute session you will develop awareness of uncomfortable feelings and have an opportunity to transform them.

Unlock Your Full Potential. Find Your Magic. Dream Big.

Turn Your Troubles Into Your Blessings


Expressive Art



Passion and Life Purpose

Find your magic and live your passion.

Wealth Creation

Create healthy relationship with money.

Stress Transformation

Transform your stresses into opportunities.

Self Expression

Make your life meaningful and beautiful.

Who is This For?

Open minded individuals who are ready to create changes in their life. Women who want to discover their passions. Everyone enjoying artistic self expression.


Creativity does not limit itself to a single art form and I encourages combining different modalities in order to enhance the artistic expression.


Discover the power of your mind to help yourself and others to reduce  physical and mental pain.

Affirmation Visualisation

Affirmation pair with visual representation is a strong building block of making your dreams your reality.

Movement & Laughter

If you can walk you can dance. Laughter opens up the heart.

Heart Based Communication

Good communication created by listening to one another deeply from the heart creates magic and true and lasting connections with people.

About Me

My mission is to help women to recognize and celebrate their inner power, passion and potential.

I am a respected leader, a superb communicator, a creative problem solver and strategist. With my extensive education and training, I became an extremely skilled facilitator in the areas of expressive art, dance, mindfulness and compassionate communication. I currantly have Bachelor of Arts degree and I am  working towards further accreditation as an art therapist.

As an active community volunteer, I use my skills to contribute to various  causes and people. I envision a community wherein each individual uses creativity to nurture and develop deep, healing and life-enhancing practices and relationships. I believe in the importance of being mindful and bringing balance to life.



“Kinga Zak was very helpful with allowing me to focus my attention on the mind-set I had developed from life experiences. Her techniques allowed me to use my body to relate to what I needed to shift my attention to create healthy partnerships. She was easy to work with and very insightful. Thank you.”

Dr. Elizabeth Armstrong

I was able to let go of my surroundings, focus on the challenges and understand where my feelings were coming from, which helped me to find possible solutions and minimizes these challenges. Thank you for giving me the tools I needed to become more mindful of myself and handle life stresses more effectively!

I have done work with Kinga, and found her a warm, caring, and knowledgeable facilitator. Transformative mindfulness in particular helped me overcome problems that arose post-surgery. Kinda is effective in conveying the mind-body-spirit aspects of the exercises, and helping people connect with their “Source.”

Tamara McClellan

Online Resources

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Build Wealth For Creatives

Are you tired of the starving artist idea? You can be creative and wealthy at the same time. If you are ready follow these simple steps.

Discover Your Passion

Are you so preoccupied with the needs of others that you forgot who you are? Do you know what your passion is? It is time to find your magic!

Transform Your Feelings

Are you feeling stuck? Unsatisfied, unhappy or lost within an internal conflict. This simple technique will help you to transform your situation, only if you are ready.

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