Stress reduction, pain management, improved focus and concentration, an increased emotional tolerance, increased immune function and improved quality of sleep are just a few of the benefits that mindfulness can offer you.

This workshop will provide you with a number of practical tools which can be integrated into your daily life to promote health and happiness. Participants will gain a better understanding of mindfulness through guided instruction, practice exercises and group discussion.
Intuitive Body-Scan – sit down, relax and check in with you. Explore your mind-body connection as you participate in mindful visualization and learn to document and process the images and wisdom that you have experienced.
Transforming Challenges – learn to ask for help and address the many aspects of mental and physical suffering while discovering the root of your challenges. The clarity you seek is within you! Allow this practice to serve as the key to accessing your internal wisdom.

Enhancing Positive Qualities – build your strength and resilience by connecting to yourself and recognizing your inner strengths. Learn to acknowledge and expand upon each of your positive attributes You may be surprised to discover how difficult it can be to highlight your best qualities! Many of us find it easier to dwell on our “negative” traits or focus on what we believe needs “fixed”. This very important and challenging exercise has been shown to teach positive affirmation and increase confidence with impressive results.
Transforming Inner Conflict – explore how two or more opposing situations can create internal conflict that wreaks havoc on our attitude and outlook. Delve into your personal challenges and learn to use transformative visualization alongside sensation, thought and cognitive emotion to find clarity and meaning in your life.

Mindfulness encourages us to slow down and learn to understand our emotions. During quiet introspection, a great deal of emotions and internal conflict often presents itself.

As our overall awareness increases, we tend to see our suffering more clearly, which presents an opportunity to address the root causes of suffering. Using an open, curious and compassionate stance, we being to notice thoughts, feelings and emotions that we may otherwise brush aside. Using Transformative Mindfulness Methods, we can begin to reclaim the power of the mind and body to heal ourselves. To promote insight and transformation, verbal expression, colours and images are also studied.

This workshop is specifically useful for:
o Introducing visualization more into your mindfulness practice
o Deepening your intuition, body awareness & creativity
o Changing one’s relationship to suffering
o Enhancing positive attributes for wellbeing

This workshop will help you understand the concepts of visualization to deepen your connection with your true self and change your relationship with suffering. Not only will your mind-body connection benefit from learning to utilize mindfulness – intuition and creativity are also stimulated.

This workshops will arm you with a variety of skills that can be applied to virtually any situation in your life –Transformative Mindfulness Methods were developed by Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw over 25 years ago and have shared the healing aspects of mindfulness around the world ever since