“There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful than a woman being unapologetically herself. Comfortable in her perfect imperfection.”


Take Care Of Your Body, Mind & Soul

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I benefited from Kinga’s Mindfulness class. Kinga is a wonderful guide who helped us to open ourselves, through healing meditations and visualization. The Heart grows. Alan

“Kinga Zak was very helpful with allowing me to focus my attention on the mind-set I had developed from life experiences. Her techniques allowed me to use my body to relate to what I needed to shift my attention to create healthy partnerships. She was easy to work with and very insightful. Thank you.”

Dr. Elizabeth Armstrong

Kinga’s  strength is her cheerful and open, nonjudgmental personality, that was how I was able to open up and be real about body issues Leslie Phelhan

I have done work with Kinga on Transformative Mindfulness Meditation as well as Non-violent communication, and found her a warm, caring, and knowledgable facilitator. Transformative mindfulness in particular helped me overcome problems that arose post-surgery. Kinda is effective in conveying the mind-body-spirit aspects of the exercises, and helping people connect with their “Source.”

  Tamara McClellan

I feel the Trans formative Mindfulness class today helped me to identify areas of my life that I need to connect and deal with. I became more mindful of my body, issues and how to mindfully deal with them Michelle

Kinga is clear and calm.  She is good at communicating what needs to be looked for without actually putting the idea into your head.  You are able to find the block without knowing what it is.
Abigail Hitchens

I deeply appreciate you for your knowledge and your caring. Kelli Wood Leclerc

This exercise really helped me! It’s amazing because I’m going through more stress than I have ever in my life right now and  … My back feels released, calm and healed! I’ve had this back trouble for 2 years! Tracy Vullgarity

For me personally, with my PTSD, I was able to see in my drawings and words what was occurring in my mind and thoughts.
I feel blessed for taking your class as it helped me change and work on some very difficult issues for me.
I had many revelations and transformation in your classes.  They made me take a deeper look at them and I was often surprised by my findings!
Your classes had a positive affect in my life and I am thankful.


Kinga Zak was very professional, compassionate and helpful in helping me to learn some simple mindful techniques to relax and focus on the challenges I was facing. Not only did she explain what was going to happen during our session beforehand which alleviated any concerns I had, she helped me to become more aware of my challenges and feelings associated with these stresses. Using a simple relaxation method that Kinga walked me through, I was able to let go of my surroundings, focus on the challenges I was experiencing and understand where my feelings were coming from, which helped me to find possible solutions in minimizes these challenges. Thank you Kinga for giving me the tools I needed to become more mindful of myself and handle life stresses more effectively!


Never walk when you can dance.


Love is the absence of judgment.


Art is healing.